Meet The Team

Helena Hoyle - Co-Owner

Favourite Film: Mamma Mia
Favourite Food:  Lobster or anything posh
Favourite Animal: Dog
Favourite RAD Piece: Any Magics

Dislikes: Negative vibes 
Fear: Rats
Least Favourite Food: Tinned Tuna

What's your greatest achievement? 
Aside from my kids - Ruby & Daisy

Louie Bispham - Co-Owner

Favourite Film: Bridesmaids
Favourite Food: Any type of Prawn
Favourite Animal: Gorilla
Favourite RAD Piece: Ripped Magic Trouser

Dislikes: Bad manners
Fear: I fear nothing because fear equals false evidence appearing
Least Favourite Food: Celery

What's your greatest achievement? 
Helping women fall back in love with fashion & themselves

Antonella Brollini - Co-Owner

Favourite Film: Scarface
Favourite Food: Korean
Favourite Animal: Hartley Blue
Favourite RAD Piece: Fossil Parachute Dress

Dislikes: Tardiness
Fear: Rats
Least Favourite Food: Kidney Beans 

What's your greatest achievement? 
Raising my daughter as an independent parent and her qualifying with first class honors in Graphic Design at Kingston University

Mark - Head of Operations

Favourite Film: Top Gun
Favourite Food: Egg & chips, 3 slices of medium sliced white bread (no seeds)
Favourite Animal: Black Lab
Favourite RAD Piece: I think that I may be able to turn an eye in a pair of Magic Trousers - conservatively black of course.

Dislikes: Negativity
Fear: Failure
Least Favourite Food: Marzipan

What's your greatest achievement? 
 Having 3 wonderful daughters who still want to socialise with me.

Laura  - Senior Social Media, Marketing & Content Executive

Favourite Film: Bridesmaids
Favourite Food: Thai
Favourite Animal: Horses
Favourite RAD Piece: Full On Frill Tunic

Dislikes: People eating with their mouth open
Fear: Sharks
Least Favourite Food: Bacon

What's your greatest achievement?
Achieving my bachelors degree in Fashion Retail Management from London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London.

Becky - Customer Service Executive

Favourite Film: Shrek
Favourite Food: Chinese
Favourite Animal: Dog
Favourite RAD Piece: Snakey Double Buckle Sandals

Dislikes: People who aren't teamplayer
Fear: Birds
Least Favourite Food: Grapes

What's your greatest achievement?
Passing my driving test!

Katie - Social Media & Marketing Apprentice

Favourite Film: Bohemian Rhapsody
Favourite Food: Italian
Favourite Animal: Giraffes
Favourite RAD Piece: Zara Zip Sweat

Dislikes: Rude People
Fear: Snakes
Least Favourite Food: Mushrooms

What's your greatest achievement? Getting a First Class Honours in Film and Television Production

Jules - Store Manager

Favourite Film: Mamma Mia
Favourite Food: Italian
Favourite Animal: Dog
Favourite RAD Piece: Jumpsuits

Dislikes: Slugs
Fear: Open Water
Least Favourite Food: Liver

What's your greatest achievement? 
Having my two girls

Angela - Store Assistant

Favourite Film: Notting Hill
Favourite Food: Italian
Favourite Animal: Dog
Favourite RAD Piece: OMG Trousers

Fear: Small spaces
Least Favourite Food: Snails

What's your greatest achievement? 
42 mile walk from Blackpool with my best girl friends. It was a full on experience and blisters galore!

Inshana - Marketing Executive

Favourite Film: Clueless & 300
Favourite Food: Spicy Lamb Curry
Favourite Animal: Orca Whale
Favourite RAD Piece: Button Back Top

Dislikes: Ketchup
Fear: Drowning
Least Favourite Food: Pineapple on pizza (wrong)

What's your greatest achievement? 
My kids!

Geraldine - Warehouse Operative

Favourite Film: Officer & A Gentleman 
Favourite Food: Seabass
Favourite Animal: Horse
Favourite RAD Piece: Cloudy Jogger

Dislikes: Two Faced Folk
Fear: Being in a fire
Least Favourite Food: Cheese 

What's your greatest achievement? 
Surviving 45 years of marriage

Vanessa - Customer Service Executive

Favourite Film: Big
Favourite Food: Italian
Favourite Animal: Beluga whales
Favourite RAD Piece: OMG Slouch Trousers & Pocket Dress

Dislikes: Rude People
Fear: Losing loved ones
Least Favourite Food: Seafood

What's your greatest achievement?
Overcoming through post-natal depression.

Bob - Warehouse Supervisor

Favourite Film: Top Gun
Favourite Food: Steak
Favourite Animal: Dog
Favourite RAD Piece: My wife's favourite is the Super Soft Leggings

Dislikes: Tea
Fear: Dying
Least Favourite Food: Salad

What's your greatest achievement? Marrying my wife

Jeanette - Office Supervisor

Favourite Film: Any of the Tremors movies
Favourite Food: Chinese (especially Lemon Chicken)
Favourite Animal: Oddie, my boarder collie who thinks he's a lapdog
Favourite RAD Piece: Super Soft Leggings

Fear: Heights
Least Favourite Food: Spicy food / Garlic

What's your greatest achievement?
Surviving raising four boys

Melissa - Warehouse Operative

Favourite Film: Mama Mia
Favourite Food: Pizza
Favourite Animal: Dolphins
Favourite RAD Piece: Feather Heart Desoto

Dislikes: Negativity
Fear: Spiders
Least Favourite Food: Fish

What's your greatest achievement? Completing all of my college courses in: Childcare & Travel & Tourism.