Ruby & Daisy - Community

Believing in the simple idea that fashion suppliers should identify the needs, worries and comfort of it’s customers, the ladies at Ruby and Daisy strove to reignite a love of clothing for, what they call, a “forgotten generation of women”. Helena, Louie & Antonella founded Ruby and Daisy on the simple, but previously neglected, idea that fashion should be accessible, affordable and beautiful. During the unprecedented times we have all been facing, the multi award winning clothing boutique Ruby and Daisy have been pioneering good spirits and community support amongst their Ruby and Daisy family and beyond.

The Rossendale boutique famed for it’s fashionable offerings that are curated by real fashion, for real women certainly made a positive impact. In line with their mantra of making other women feel good and overcoming the typical boundaries of fashion, Helena, Louie & Antonella wanted to support the women who were out on their key- worker duties so that they too could feel good in such a distressing time. Getting out A frequent resident of the Lancashire Magazine, Ruby and Daisy have always been dedicated to treating every customer as a part of their Ruby and Daisy family. By Sian Montgomery of their uniform and workplace is one thing, but getting out of the exhausting mindset is quite another. With this in mind, the team at Ruby and Daisy wanted to alleviate stress wherever they could and lift spirits as much as possible, so they wanted to show gratitude.

We gave away over 100k worth of discounts on all their clothes for key workers. Not only did this help aid money worries and provide mood- boosting fashion that key workers could look forward to wearing once they got home, this act of kindness became a lifeline for many- as being able to just feel human and feminine again was such a relief, as women were able to come home and feel sane again in this crazy world they were having to face. They also extended their support to their various social media outlets with facebook we have nearly 80k followers and collate moral support as well as financial support for the key workers fighting the good fight each and every day. The V.I.P. facebook group is the most uplifting & motivational group of people. It has been, & still is, a great help to people in these difficult times. Aside from publicising their discounts and deals, Ruby and Daisy kept their socials booming with updates on how to support the NHS (such as the Clap for our Carers Scheme), inspirational quotes to help keep people smiling and tips and tricks on ways that customers could support small businesses through the dark times- even if this just meant liking their pages and leaving reviews while many retailers were unfortunately closed to help boost the presence of small businesses that can often be shadowed by larger chain retailers. The community support didn’t just stop there. It’s no secret in business that things can be a little cut throat, with businesses often having to just look out for themselves and their finances above all else, which became an even more prevalent issue when COVID-19 hit.

However, Ruby and Daisy opted not to focus solely on their business, but to support other businesses around them in their community. Helena, Louie & Antonella made a point of promoting all local businesses and supporting them wherever they could in order to rally the community together so that they could all survive the financial crisis as one. This warm extension of generosity was even given to their personal competitor businesses, and those in the same industry, to make sure that every local business (big or small) had the best possible chances of overcoming the pandemic. By bringing all businesses together, Ruby and Daisy encouraged people to shop everywhere they could in order to make sure everyone felt the benefits. Whether this meant buying a blouse from their store, but grabbing their accessories at a local boutique, then picking up a pair of shoes elsewhere; the team at Ruby and Daisy felt no hardship. It just goes to show that crises really do bring out the best in people, especially the lovely ladies at Ruby and Daisy, and the proof is in the pudding judging by their sparkling reviews online.

One look on their Facebook posts advertising their Blue Light Card discounts that have been running intermittently throughout the pandemic is truly heartwarming, that still continue on the last Thursday of every month, each one filled with comments and questions from grateful key workers expressing their thankfulness towards the Ruby and Daisy team for giving back where they could. As mentioned before, Ruby and Daisy have always treated every customer as a part of their Ruby and Daisy family, ensuring that they leave with confidence in their beauty and a smile on their face and, though we are slowly returning to a “new normal”, the girls certainly aren’t forgetting that times are still tough for many and are still continuing their endeavour to give a little extra to those in need by continuing their 10% Blue Light discount for key workers and students as well as a 20% discount on your birthday when you make an online account and join the Ruby and Daisy family- it really is the little touches that make all the difference. In addition to their ongoing discount schemes, Ruby and Daisy are also tailoring their stock in order to support the new necessities of the COVID-19 age, whilst allowing women everywhere to express themselves through their style choices and feel both good and safe.

On their website, they introduced a vast collection of reusable protective face masks in all sorts of patterns, colours and prices to encourage all members of the Ruby and Daisy family to stay safe and keep others safe too. Plus, in true Ruby and Daisy fashion making their fashion accessible to all women, they also added maskerchiefs for those who are uncomfortable wearing the standard mask (or want to change it up a little) that are easily breathable and designed for glasses wearers so they can avoid the ever dreaded “mask fog”. So, it’s safe to say that Ruby and Daisy have managed to put a wonderfully positive spin on things in such a difficult time, both for their Ruby and Daisy family and beyond, and have set up a great precedent for small businesses going forward: that alliances and generosity is often far more important than numbers.