Nellys Blog - Coming out of Lockdown Edition

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Hello again Flowerpots, it’s me your Aunty Nelly back for another blog advising you on the hottest picks from my boutique Ruby & Daisy. For those who are wondering, who are Ruby and Daisy, let me explain! We are a multi award winnings Ladies boutique who specifically cater towards women who have lost their love or passion for clothing on the high street. I work alongside co-owners Louie & Helena to provide comfortable, easy to wear clothing for a fraction of the prices you would find on the High Street. 


Times are becoming slightly more normal for us all; we have been able to see some of our family members that we have desperately missed through these unprecedented times. It’s become apparent what really matters in life, those cherished times with family members, and with that in mind I have some amazing garments for you that are perfect for going to see the family, or even going out for a meal! 


Let’s start with this stunning Tie Dye Maxi Dress, I absolutely love this piece, it covers all those troubled areas and it is perfect for going out in the garden. It’s incredibly easy to wear and flatters any kind of figure and at just £29 this is an absolute bargain! You can see from my picture that I’ve teamed this dress up with the Belle Flatform Sandals which are perfect if you don’t want to go all out with a heel but want to add a bit of height and length to your shape. At just £18 you can get this whole outfit for under £50! You just can’t go wrong! 


Even though we have received a bit more freedom, let’s be honest, we still need those chilled days where we do absolutely nothing and want to wear that comfy loungewear. Don’t you worry flowerpots I have the perfect solution for you! The Pause Friday Top is an absolute must have for a loungers wardrobe, with its cosy look and material you’re bound to want to stay in all day watching Netflix and scoffing your favourite chocolates. This essential will only set you back £27 and goes up to a size 20/22. If you’re the ultimate comfort queen, you’re going to want to add some of our popular Plain Basic Joggers, available in a standard and curvy size for just£18, which fit up to a size 24. 


If you’re wanting to step out and get yourself down to the pub for some social distancing drinks then you might want to go wild and check out the Leopard Scoopy Dress. At just £27, you can look and feel glamourous with that comfortable feeling that we all crave! This dress can fit someone at a size 12 and goes up to a size 24, so this really is a versatile piece. If you’re tall like me and don’t want to add any more height then you can team this with any of our gorgeous sandals, or if you’d like to add a heel, give our Magic Strappy Wedge a go. At just £29, I can guarantee that you won’t want to wear another wedge again. They are the ultimate comfort going out shoe, they’re not too high and support a wide fit, these are a must have if you’re a one of those who like a cheeky boogie when you’re out! We have an amazing range of colours available as well, so they literally match any outfit! 



Last but very not least, we have the stunning Nelly Painted Parachute Dress, named after yours truly as this is one of my absolute favourite lines. Our Parachute dresses are flattering on any figure, and there are multiple ways to wear one, this is just one of the many reasons that I love this dress. The next reason is of course the price, and at just £30 we know that it’s one that you’d like in many colours! If you’d like some other colour ways, we have the standard Painted Parachute at £29 which comes in a stunning variety of colours, both being very generous in sizing going up to a size 24/26. These are both perfect for those late nights in the garden sat in front of the fire. (Yes I’m painting the picture of heaven for you).  


I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading my most recent blog and do hope that I've been able to inspire some of you with some lovely pieces available at Ruby and Daisy. It’s been a tough time that we have been through this year but fingers crossed that we are coming to the end of this soon. I mentioned at the beginning of this blog to cherish time with our family and friends, I believe that we’ve realised what really does matter. Until next time Flowerpots! 


Love from  

Your Aunty Nelly