Homeworking and using our tools!

Homeworking and using our tools!

Well hello everyone! Here it is...my first blog!!

And what a time to be given the task to start writing one.....in the middle of this horrible pandemic when life has completely been turned upside down and we are all looking to others to know what to do for the best.


I have to say today has been manic!. In my head, over the weekend while out walking with my husband, our two boys and the two dogs, I was in the state of mind that even though this virus is terrible and what is happening to the world right now is also terrible, it is actually lovely to be able to spend more time together doing the things we no longer get to do and how for the greater good, mother earth will have the chance to heal through all of this downtime.  Which, in an ideal world that is absolutely true however today has thrown me into a complete rollercoaster of emotions!


It began well, early with a 7am conference call to Helena and Lou but still well in having some kind of a feeling of direction.  The kids were up and dressed and at the table ready to begin school work for 9am as per any normal school day and I was ready to begin work.  Two hours in and I am feeling pretty productive, Jack has completed two subjects homework, Josh has done 1 numeracy sheet, 1 numeracy test, his spellings and some practice on his timetables and I’m thinking...OMG Im not going to have enough work for these boys to do!


Then 11am hits…….and at this point I should have realised, these kids would have had a break time by now.  Got together with their friends, had a mess around and a kick about with the football, let off a bit of steam and then they are back in the headspace to carry on with their work.  But today, they did n’t get that.  They have n’t had any release at all.  They just have each other and with one being 13 and the other being 9, they are not quite on the same page when it comes to their idea of fun!!  So it’s down to me to now referee...to put my detective cap on to try and see the true meaning of their fallings out at this point and to come up with a solution!


So a quick distraction of 15 minutes of football out in the garden from mum and Jack helping dad to clean the windows settles it so I can get back inside and try my best to keep workflow going.  Thats a quick fix for now until what….lunchtime??!!


While out on the street , I speak to my neighbour (2 meters apart!) and he is also in the same boat as me.  He’s working from home, his wifes not well and he has a 3 year old to entertain!! It’s nuts!! It kind of feels like that first couple of days on your family holiday.  When you've got the responsibilities of travelling, getting everyone there safely with everything they need, finding where you are staying, getting everything unpacked so everyone feels comfortable and settled and then you ‘ve got the getting used to everyone’s company 247!!  Being tolerant to all those irritating little habits that are much easier to take in small doses.  Only after those first 72 hours do you start to relax around each other and become more open and accepting towards each other and then the fun can begin.


I feel like this is how this week is going to roll!  Its all new….we're all in unknown territory right now and it's going to take those first few days for the frustrations to surface and the solutions to be found and then we can all begin to make progress and get along.

So for me it is always important to have your “tools” with you!   A whole array of things you need for different situations in order to get the job done…..


When I feel stressed my first call is always water and detox.  A hot bath which includes a salt scrub followed by a body oil, face scrub and a good moisturiser.  I always opt for a loungesuit or comfortable clothing that I feel nice enough in to answer the door (should anyone ever ring on my doorbell again this year!)


Once the body cleansing ritual is done then it's time to cleanse the house.  I am lucky that I have reiki in my toolbox so I am equipped with my reiki symbols, crystals and angel cards.  I give reiki to each of the rooms in my house, my bath water and to myself and my family and then choose a whichever crystal I am drawn to at that time.  Crystals are a beautiful thing.  They can support you, reassure you, calm you and give you strength when you most need it.  I would recommend to anyone to do some research on crystals and their meanings.  You can purchase crystals online however be sure to cleanse them before you use them as they can pick up negative energies on their journeys.  I will talk more about crystals in my next blog and their meanings and uses.  


Then I have my angel cards.  I would also recommend these cards.  They are so supportive and positive in the guidance that they give to you.  They can tune into your thoughts and help to guide you and reassure you of the path you should take. I will also talk about these in more detail later on.


One of my most powerful tools however is meditation. It is a work in practice and may not come completely naturally to everyone.  Even the word meditation can scare some people off however I do think that is becoming more of a “thing” especially with the high levels of mental health issues surrounding us all these days.  So if you ve never meditated before..now is a great time to start!!


Meditation clears the mind and opens it up to new ideas and new ways of looking at things.  To meditate is to be still in mind and with this stillness comes a great internal strength and focused mind.  The doors of creativity flood open and anything becomes possible.


It is now that we all need to be at our most creative.  With jobs and children to juggle, businesses and livelihoods to save and kindness and compassion to be shared during our toughest of days, then this is where the opening and clearing of your mind will really help you to find a way to make it through the storm.


So tomorrow is another day!  We start all over again with good intentions, use our tools and see where the day takes us.  Find your own tools, there's so many out there!  Whether it's gardening, singing, painting, writing the list is endless but you will always find the answer in being still in mind and in your thoughts.

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