Bring it to the table

Bring it to the table

Who remembers being taught in primary school that we all have our own individual talents? Who else remembers a time where those talents were encouraged and nurtured with a hope that they would play a big part in your future?


For some of the lucky ones, my second question became their reality but for others somehow their talents got lost or forgotten along the way and survival mode kicked in!


When I was young, I had a talent for drawing. Particularly in pencil.  I remember the feeling of a pencil in my hand! How it was weighted, what tone it gave on the paper.  I knew every different type of pencil and how to use it to give my desired effect.  I also loved to sing but my lack of self belief in those difficult teenage years put a stop to me progressing any further with that!  I found a social life and at 14 that was all that mattered to me.  I forgot all about my unique talents and spent my days having fun and messing around with my mates!! Before I knew it, I was a young adult and settled down in my first home with responsibities and bills to pay!


Where did that time go? Those precious care free years where the world is your oyster and you really can be anything you want to be?!


I find myself saying that statement a lot now I have children.  We have a wooden plaque hanging in the kitchen with one of my favourite sayings " When we believe in ourselves, we can achieve anything!" I have it there as a constant reminder to my boys that they truly can be anything they want to be and I want them to hold onto that for as long as they possibly can.


I can already see the change in my teenage son since he became 13.  He, as I did, has found his friendship group and they now take priority over any art project or singing practice that he used to enjoy so much and no longer does.  Now I know that , that is important.  We all want our kids to have good friends and healthy relationships however it does upset me to see him put a talent to one side because he does nt consider it to be cool anymore.  So I just hold on to the hope that one day he will pick it back up and remind him every now and then  that, that talent is still there should he wish to call on it!


So what does happen when we put down our talents and persue other current interests?  Where we simply follow our path without a true idea of where we are going to end up?  I think life, that's what happens!  Its like that saying "there s nothing like being thrown in at the deep end!"  I've been thrown in at the deep end more times that I can recall because I ve never had a clear sense of direction in my life.  I can however say that I have gone into everything I ve ever done with 110% effort!  I ve always believed if you are going to do something then you should do it properly otherwise why waste the time in the first place? I try to go into things with my eyes and mind wide open.  With an open mind and good listening skills, you can learn so much and you will grow.  Probably more than you realise!  You absorb information and then box it away for that rainy day.


Now that rainy day has arrived for us all right now.  We are no longer managers or supervisors, team leaders or customer service reps.  We re now asked to be teachers, chefs, bloggers and advisors.  We re all stuck at home and sharing our survival tips that we ve picked up along the way.  Helping each other with tips and advice on how to fully utilize what we have and how to deal with the anxiety and restrictions of our new way of life. 


So to relax and to uplift ourselves we naturally call on our talents.  Those forgotten childhood skills that made us feel so good and cleared our minds.  And we re drawn back to colouring, drawing, singing or playing music to help lift our own and each others spirits.  We re spreading love and joy and giving to thy neighbour again and in turn it makes us feel good and uplifted that today, we helped someone else and made their journey an easier ride. 


So for that I'm grateful....I'm glad that I did listen and keep an open mind so I could pick up some useful things along the way and I'm grateful that I have the tools to share a few tips to help others.  I never really valued social media as much as I do right now.  Its the perfect platform to learn and share. It's amazing to see how it is keeping us all connected and high in spirits.


I want everyone to know, that you all have something "to bring to the table!" You 've all picked up those survival techniques along the way and your little life hack could make a big difference to someone else. So bring it and share it and in return, not only will you take away ideas from others but you ll also go to bed at night with the feeling..."I helped someone today" and it does nt get much better than that!

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